State-of-the-Art Technology

Designed to Serve Your Patients

Our technology solutions enable our patient advocates to serve your patients with care and efficiency. While our technology works behind the scenes, they can focus their full attention on addressing the needs of each individual patient.

All of our solutions can seamlessly integrate with your current technology systems. We also provide you with near-real-time custom dashboards and reports that can drill down to account-specific information.

Our patient screening tool is designed to identify alternative funding sources for patients’ medical bills and support patient advocacy through financial counseling and assistance. This tool offers real-time coverage discovery and program screening and helps your patients obtain health insurance and/or financial assistance by managing and tracking the application process for them.

Hospital Bed

Patient Access

Our pre-arrival workflow solution streamlines many aspects of the financial clearance process (including preauthorization, physician order/referral management, insurance verification, medical necessity verification, and patient payment estimates) prior to the patient’s date of service. This solution protects your revenue cycle by preventing errors that can cause denials, reimbursement delays, and underpayments.

  • Bedside Screening - Our advocates are equipped with convertible laptops or tablets that are HIPAA-compliant, allow for face-to-face interaction with the patient, and facilitate bedside screening using our screening tool.


  • Electronic Forms - Our electronic forms solution streamlines data collection, auto-populates data on forms, and improves patient data accuracy.


  • Photo Capture - Our advocates can easily save images of supporting documentation (e.g. insurance card, driver’s license) with our photo capture feature.