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5 Reasons to Outsource Patient Eligibility and Enrollment

A patient advocate looks at a tablet next to the blog title: 5 Reasons to Outsource Patient Eligibility and Enrollment.

A patient eligibility and enrollment service can secure funding for patient accounts by identifying insurance and charity programs for which patients may qualify, enrolling patients in these programs, and helping them better understand their own financial responsibility.

If your facility lacks a patient eligibility service or you’ve tried handling this in-house, consider the following 5 reasons you should outsource patient eligibility and enrollment.

#1. Promoting patient advocacy impacts revenue integrity and your community.

Providing your community with on-site patient advocates and resources not only helps your patients find funding for their medical bills but it also shows a true commitment to community health and wellbeing, even beyond their physical health.

When a health facility contracts with Golden State Advocates Eligibility, there is a ripple effect on the entire community. Patients’ financial situations improve while hospitals increase reimbursement and conversion rates. Providers have more time and energy to devote to patient care, and job opportunities arise (all our on-site staff members are hired locally, from your community).

#2. Increase patient engagement, loyalty, and experience scores.

Our patient advocates can conduct one-on-one, in-person meetings with your patients, whether at your facility, at bedside, in the field, or at the patient’s home. This greatly enhances patient engagement. Likewise, patients become more involved through the financial education provided by our patient advocates which empowers patients to navigate the financial side of the healthcare system.

Improving patient engagement and patient advocacy will also increase patient loyalty to your organization. Patients will truly appreciate the benefits of a service that helps them manage and possibly decrease their complex healthcare costs.

An internal patient eligibility team is often limited to regular business hours, but patients need help outside of the typical “9 to 5” workday. Golden State Advocates Eligibility offers on-site staffing up to 7 days a week, including in the Emergency Department.

#3. Utilize the advantage of the vendor’s expertise.

The healthcare landscape is constantly changing. State and federal laws are updated on a regular basis and temporarily adjusted when a national emergency like that caused by COVID-19 occurs. If you outsource, you can trust a team of experts to monitor all rules and regulations for you.

The business knowledge and compliance department at Golden State Advocates Eligibility provides our clients with updates and our patient advocates with ongoing training and programs. This includes training and updates related to:

#4. Upgrade with the benefits of compatible state-of-the-art technology.

When you outsource patient eligibility and enrollment you not only benefit from expert patient advocates, but potentially from the technology the vendor supplies as well.

For example, Golden State Advocates Eligibility offers:

  • A patient screening tool that, in real time, identifies health coverage and/or financial programs for which patients may qualify and manages/tracks the application process for them.

  • HIPAA-compliant, convertible laptops or tablets that facilitate bedside screening.

  • An electronic forms solution that auto-populates patient data on forms.

  • Photo capture to easily save images of supporting documentation (e.g. insurance card, driver’s license).

  • A pre-arrival workflow solution that streamlines financial clearance and prevents errors that lead to reimbursement denials, delays, and underpayments.

  • Near-real-time custom dashboards and transparent reporting that drills down to account-specific data.

#5. Reduce internal labor costs and add performance-based resources.

Another reason to avoid keeping eligibility and enrollment tasks in-house is the expense, time, and resources it requires to do so. Hiring your own employees entails more work for Human Resources, initial and ongoing training, payroll/benefits expenses, and office space/equipment. These are overhead costs you’ll pay regardless of how much funding your employees actually help your patients obtain.

At Golden State Advocates Eligibility we operate at a performance-based rate – you’ll only pay us after we’ve delivered on our promise to reduce your uncompensated care.

Outsource Patient Eligibility and Enrollment

At Golden State Advocates Eligibility, our mission is patient advocacy and our goal is to impact communities, one patient at a time.

Contact us today to learn more about how your patients, organization, and community will benefit when you outsource patient eligibility and enrollment services to our team of expert patient advocates, backed by our innovative technology solutions.