Reduce Uncompensated Care

Golden State Advocates Eligibility's on-site self-pay eligibility service supports patient advocacy and reduces uncompensated care. On-site patient advocates and technology facilitate real-time coverage detection, eligible program screening, and timely account appropriation. 

Bedside Screening

Patient advocates are equipped with tablets and meet with the patient at bedside to initiate the screening process immediately. 


Experts in: 

  • Medi-Cal

    • Full-scope evaluation for restricted recipients

    • Homeless population assistance​

  • Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (HPE)

  • Treatment Authorization Request (TAR)

  • Covered CA (Certified Enrollment Specialists)

  • California Health Policies & Guidelines

Partners with:

  • California Hospital Association

  • Health Consumer Alliance

  • QMB

  • Covered CA

  • Charity

  • Financial Assistance

  • Financial Counseling

  • Crime Victim

We Screen for the Following Programs:

  • Medi-Cal

  • County Indigent

  • HPE

  • VA

  • Cobra

  • Medicare

  • Social Security Disability

  • Cal Fresh (Food Assistance)