Golden State Advocates Eligibility is a California-based, on-site eligibility service solution designed to manage hospitals' self-pay population. We utilize technology to optimize one-on-one interaction with the patient. Our California experience sets us apart.


Real-time coverage verification, a comprehensive screening tool, and expanded coverage hours improve the patient experience and increase conversions. We also offer Charity / Patient Responsibility solutions, as well as Out-of-State Medicaid billing. 

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Our mission is patient advocacy.

Everything we do is for the good of each individual patient we work with –

and this good ultimately impacts the entire community.


Our primary goal is to find third-party payer options for the patient’s medical bills and help them obtain funding. In the process, we strive to educate the patient about their financial responsibility, eligibility, and insurance options, as well as empower the patient to navigate the complex financial aspects of their healthcare.


At Golden State Advocates Eligibility, we focus on your patient first. Our on-site patient advocates work one-on-one with each patient to generate results that benefit everyone – the patient, your organization, and the whole community.


Golden State Advocates Eligibility – Impacting Communities, One Patient at a Time.